Vera and John Mobile Casino Review

Vera and John is one of the most established and well-known games in the world of casinos and gambling. Its reputation precedes it, and anyone who gambles online knows that Vera and John is one of the best casinos you can play at.


The casino was only developed and brought to life in 2011, but it quickly became a firm favorite in the online casino community. One reason for the huge surge in popularity may be that the site caters for both a female (Vera) and male (John) audience, whereas almost every other online casino seems to cater only to men. By having a more feminine side to the casino, Vera and John virtually doubled their target market size compared to their competitors.


The mobile version of the casino works brilliantly on phones. There’s no bugs, no lagging, no buffering. Everything works seamlessly and as it should. One of the many pros to the site is that you don’t have to download an app and take up room on your mobile- you can play in your internet browser, using mobile data or your wifi connection.


There’s a huge variety of online slots available on Vera and John Mobile Casino, and there is often slot tournaments to participate in. The games vary in difficulty, meaning that the casino is suitable for those just beginning to use online and mobile casinos as well as those who have been kicking about for a while. There is also plenty of jackpots available, so there’s always the opportunity to make a big win!


The user interface of the mobile casino is really easy to navigate. Everything is clearly laid out, and there is no unnecessary or garish animations and graphics to fill up the screen and distract you from the game, which is advantageous compared to some other mobile casinos.


In addition to all of this, Vera and John run a loyalty program for their customers. You can join when you sign up to really appreciate the benefits of the program, which awards players based on how long they spend using the mobile casino. The longer you’re playing on it for, and the more often you use it, the more points you’ll rack up as part of the loyalty program, and these points result in free prizes, bonuses and much more!


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